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Foremost Home Care
Growing old is not fun but when you have reached a certain age...or need...sometimes it's a difficult decision to seek help. Mine arose after my surgery. However, especially as an independent person, I did not look forward to sharing my private life with a stranger.   But, from the get-go, Foremost management was extremely sensitive to my personal criteria for the kind of person I would want to come into my home. Based on a candid assessment of my needs, Foremost's designated caregiver turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. After three years, Doris has become my very good friend and steadfast support in every direction.

Under the guidelines established by Foremost Home Care, Doris has helped to organize and maintain my habitat, gently makes sure I'm clean from head to toe (even between the toes), dressed appropriately, and assists in all the other activities of daily living. She's upbeat and positive...even when I may be having a bad day. Her love and nurturing are received with much gratitude. Doris is a gem and I treasure her time with me.

I'm happy to say I've also had excellent relations with the management and staff of Foremost Home Care, and any request I've made has been honored. Their professionalism and cooperation are exceptional...as are their intuitive compassion and reliability. It has always been clear to me that Foremost has their clients' best interest at hand as all times, providing the best of care and security. Therefore, I most heartily recommend Foremost Home Care to anyone who has reached that level of need.
Foremost Home Care
Over a twelve year period, Foremost Agency has been there for both myself and my husband.

We have received home care for short term and long term periods. Each time the aide was matched to our needs, and that is because the nursing director listened to us, as to what was most important.

The communication worked very well every time.

I would recommend Foremost Agency without hesitation.
Foremost Home Care
Ayesha was the first staff I spoke with in my search for an aide for my elderly mother, who suffers from dementia. She exuded warmth, care, understanding and patience, as she listened to my concerns and answered my many questions. Sophia, my Foremost liason, worked hard to find just the right aide for my mother, and continues to show her soft-spoken concern with follow-up phone calls. Jenny has proven to be a competent, caring, strong and industrious aide. She is a quick learner and takes initiative with her tasks. My father feels at ease with Jenny helping care for mom. Most importantly, Jenny knows what to expect from a dementia patient and works accordingly. Our family takes comfort in the help Jenny has been able to provide.